How to create loyalty through curiosity and empathy

Imagine how delighted I was to receive a recent message from a colleague checking in and letting me know, “I’m here if you need.” We had a Zoom call, and she asked me about my concern for my elderly mother in aged care, a sector that has been hard hit by the renewed wave of COVID-19 in Victoria. She explained the phrase “I’m here if you need” comes from netball. When a player is taking the ball down the court, her team members run beside her calling out, “I’m here if you need.”… Read more

Are you practising the art of inclusive conversation?

Image by Schanin from Pixabay 

How often have you sat through a change program briefing session and thought that the key messages are not addressing the fundamental concerns of the audience? While most progressive organisations are committed to improving communication, that often translates into more talking and less listening. A more inclusive style of communication is needed if you are to accomplish your vision to change the game.

When Dan was appointed to his new role, he did not want to fall into the trap of simply broadcasting his vision.… Read more