So why another book on leadership when there are already so many out there? This book addresses the critical role that technology leaders can play to take businesses into a new future.  They can change the game. Businesses have high expectations of their technology leaders. We need to invest in building their leadership capability to make the most of the disruptive times we live in. Why are game-changing leaders important? A digital revolution driven by technology is changing the game for businesses everywhere. Technology is changing the game whether we like it or not. The internet of things, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, data and analytics etc are exploding. Businesses need game-changing leaders who can ride the wave of technology disruption. Leaders who move up the influence curve and use technology strategically will be highly sought after. Brian Donovan has distilled many of the lessons from his successful career and executive coaching program into this book. It offers practical insights into how technical experts can make a successful transition to leadership. Use it to get an edge in the employment market as the demand for game-changing leaders increases.








Praise for “Leadership Is Changing the Game”

” …the advice and lessons in the book are equally relevant to managers and aspiring managers in any field – public, private or not for profit. Trust, integrity, respect, hope, direction, guidance, authenticity, concern, humility, the use of ‘we’ rather than ‘I’ all feature.”


“This book is gold. As you read it, you will inevitably identify with some of the stories and wisdom. You will find yourself reflecting on your own life and career, and getting excited as you glimpse possibilities for playing a much bigger game than the current path you see yourself on.Brian is truly “a man to cross the river with”. He has been a great friend, coach and encourager through the mountains and the valleys, and we have crossed a number of big rivers together over the years. He continues to be a significant influence in expanding my sense of what’s possible as a leader.”

Dean Phelan, former CEO,

Churches of Christ in Queensland

Board Adviser, CEO Mentor and Executive Coach


“Let yourself be captivated by the thoughts, the practical propositions and … the metaphor of the “Big Kahuna” proposed by Brian Donovan, an expert in game-changing leadership and digital transformation. You will enjoy discovering and reading “Leadership is Changing the Game”. It will benefit you to shift your mindset, influence others and invent new ways of doing business.”

Yves Pigneur, University of Lausanne

Author with Alex Osterwalder of the international bestseller “Business Model Generation”

Ranked #7 by Thinkers50 a global ranking of management thinkers


“We can’t get to exciting new places without knowing where we want to be, and how to get there.  Moving from being a subject matter expert into leadership is an exciting journey, but it is fraught with obstacles.  We each need a map for our own personal journey, that helps us honestly identify challenges, including those we create for ourselves, and which equips us to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. Brian helped me make brave decisions to embark on my big life changes. He asks all the right questions and his years of experience and buckets of wisdom are reflected in this great book. It will help you to work out how to map your own journey, to get there and also to identify how to make a success of your career when it reaches its next destination. Read it!”

Kathryn Watt, Non-Executive Director

Former General Counsel, Vanguard Australia


“I have worked with Brian to develop my leadership capabilities and his approach has helped me achieve some significant ‘game changing’ results.  This book captures all the principles and practices that I’ve used myself.  Having these laid out in the book provides a great reference to continually use and refine.  With technology and business now inseparable, this book will help technology leaders make game changing impacts to their organisations.”

Geoff Spicer, Group General Manager,

Technology & Services, Village Roadshow Ltd


“I am honoured to provide this endorsement for Brian Donovan’s book ‘Leadership Is Changing the Game’. Through this book you will learn to identify the barriers and performance issues that may be holding you back both personally and professionally. Being an effective leader takes time, desire and hard work. If you are ready to put in the effort, I can assure you that applying the principles within this book will produce positive results. I highly recommend Brian to others seeking to achieve greatness.”

Trent Dean, Head of Clinical Governance,

Royal Flying Doctor Service (Queensland Section)


“I worked through Brian’s executive coaching program and it certainly changed my leadership game. It’s great to see the material we covered brought to life in this book. I value the learnings from our work together and particularly the confidence I gained to be the best version of me, so I can now happily take a seat at any leadership table. I am still actively identifying opportunities to change the game and guiding others to do the same. I am glad to have this book to recommend to my team and colleagues and anyone who aspires to be a game-changing leader.”

Fi Slaven, General Manager,

William Buck, Victoria


“Leadership is Changing the Game”, presents a useful conceptual model for developing leadership potential and ability and provides a wide range of supportive references to credible research and other relevant thought leaders. It includes a valuable and inspirational compilation of actual experiences drawn from Brian’s personal career and especially from his successful coaching and team leadership practice. There’s something in this work for everyone, no matter how advanced their leadership experience and journey, but it will be especially helpful for those making the transition from a successful technical role to wider enterprise management and leadership. Congratulations Brian for a practical, motivational and well researched book.”

Gerry Moriarty AM FTSE FAICD Hon FIEAust

Company Adviser and Director


“Every strategic technology executive leverages technology in new and innovative ways to create new customer value, increase margins, and enhance shareholder wealth. The one key common factor in their success is strategic LEADERSHIP. If you are a technology leader who wants to help your company succeed in today’s highly competitive marketplace, you need to read Leadership is Changing the Game. It will help you understand how leadership is developed and implemented to change the game and improve the competitive position of your company. If you do apply the insights from this book, you will find that you will be highly sought after by businesses as they scramble for strategic leadership. So, don’t wait, read the book, and change the game!”

Phil Weinzimer 

Thought Leader, Consultant, Speaker

Author of The Strategic CIO: Changing the Dynamics of The Business Enterprise


“Brian is an inspiring leadership coach who helps aspiring and established leaders to break through situational or ongoing leadership challenges by changing the game.  Brian’s style challenges, influences and empowers the individual to get the clarity required to truly grow and prosper. Brian’s book, “Leadership is Changing the Game” brings to life the principles of his vast leadership and coaching experience in an accessible and applicable manner and represents a must read for any leader in today’s high paced and fast changing environment.”

Liam Fraser, Director, Singtel Optus


“I’ve been privileged to have been coached by Brian when I took on an executive technology role a number of years ago.  Brian had an amazing ability to see things through my eyes, but at the same time he caused me to see my own leadership effectiveness with such clarity and honesty. My only regret is that I didn’t get the advantage of being coached by Brian in my earlier leadership roles! Brian’s passion for helping me play a bigger game involved me writing a vision for an amazing future – ‘an even bigger game plan’.  I recently reflected back on that big game plan and thanks to Brian’s support and inspiration, I found the courage to start my own business. Five years on, in the digital strategy work that my firm does, the pivotal success factor is the role that technology leaders play to bring their company’s digital strategy to life.  Brian’s book is a compelling read for technology leaders who want to lead a digital strategy to a successful outcome and change the game for their organisations.”

Chris Stevens, Managing Partner,

Digital Frontier Partners


“Brian’s book is a must read for both business and technology leaders and those with leadership aspirations. He captures the issues and challenges facing leaders in today’s ever changing, competitive and disruptive environment. He graphically illustrates the need for collaboration from the Board level strategy, to technical execution and a well-orchestrated change program. The underlying theme being that talent needs to be prepared for leadership with the mentorship of the Board and C-suite executives.  Brian neatly shows how individuals in leadership must have a plan, not be afraid to ask for help, and communicate often and broadly.”

Denis McGee, Senior Technology Executive,

formerly with ANZ Bank, NAB and Wells Fargo


“This book provides sound and well-tested advice on how to make the transitions from making decisions about technology, to decisions about people, to decisions about the future of your organization. If you apply this book’s Influence Curve to your career, it will guide you on how to refocus your decision making as your audience and scope change.”

Rick Watson, University of Georgia

Research Director for the Advanced Practices Council of the Society of Information Management


“Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus was the first Roman Emperor from outside of Italy. Because he was afflicted with a limp and slight deafness, he was thought “different”. His family and the Roman political elite ostracized him, excluded him from public office, as well as military service. Like Claudius, technology leaders are also thought of as kind of weird. They come from outside of mainstream business and are often prevented from having “a seat at the table” because they are different. Claudius proved to be an able and efficient administrator. He was also an ambitious builder, constructing many new roads, aqueducts, and canals across the Empire. Likewise, when technology leaders are afforded a “seat at the table”, they perform exceptionally well.  Their exposure to the information technology applications that enables the company to run, gives them a unique holistic understanding of the enterprise. They are critical thinkers by vocation and masters of the digital world, the future of business, where value is created in moving electrons instead of moving atoms. However, the key to their success is leadership. Both technology leaders and the businesses they serve need the wisdom offered by Brian in his new book. Technology leaders for the seasoning and polish needed to move from excelling at what they do into helping others excel at what they do. Businesses can benefit from knowing how to develop and leverage the technology leaders in their midst, that they so desperately need now and into the future.”

Dr James Stikeleather, University of South Florida, Muma College of Business.

Formerly Chief Innovation Officer for Dell and the Chief Technology Officer for Perot Systems


“I was initially sceptical about the value that coaching could provide when I was first offered the opportunity to work with Brian. I had never done anything like it before. However, the outcome for me was priceless. It helped me to grow both personally and professionally. I knew how to produce results on my own. But it was a huge breakthrough for me to step up my leadership and get much bigger results through people. Brian helped me build my leadership influence so that I could impact the big strategic challenges that our business faces. This book is full of the practical insights and stories that Brian brought to our work together. It serves as a reminder to me to continue to play a big game. If you are a leader looking for the satisfaction of making a big difference then let this brilliant book guide you.”

Sarit Cohen, Regional Vice-President

and Customer Engagement Manager for APAC, Amdocs