How to be seen as a leader; accept responsibility

Peter’s CEO lost the plot, and the board had moved to replace him. Peter and the rest of the leadership team also lost their focus. Staff morale hit rock bottom and the performance of the business was suffering. Everyone waited for someone else to do something. Peter stepped up and challenged the leadership team to turn things around while they searched for a new CEO.

He took a personal decision to lead without any formal authority. People responded well to his leadership though and got back into action instead of observing the train wreck around them.… Read more

To be a successful leader practice self-development

It was only a matter of time before Grant was pushed out the door. The feedback from the business unit clients was that they were unhappy with him and his department. Projects were off the rails, day-to-day operations were patchy, and there was no confidence they could contribute to business strategy. He was sure that the clients did not know what they wanted, and they changed their priorities when it suited them. Plenty of people would have agreed with him; he was right and they were wrong.… Read more

The advanced guide to the future of work

There are numerous predictions about the future of work post COVID-19. But no-one can predict with any certainty whether it will be cataclysmic or exciting. One thing seems certain, we will need outstanding leaders to guide us through the turbulent times ahead.

In 2008, I interviewed senior leaders about how they were responding to the global financial crisis. I discovered that leaders were not ‘waiting and seeing’ what would happen. They were stepping up in the face of adversity.

Today’s global pandemic is a bigger challenge, but the same principle applies.… Read more

Are you setting the tone?

As a leader you set the tone for the way people around you behave. They are modelling your cues far more than you think. Leaders exemplify the culture they want to create; the way we do things around here.

Dianne set the tone of valuing her team members. She took an interest in everyone on her team, not just her leadership group. She held regular skip-level meetings where she found out what was important to people, heard their concerns and took on board their suggestions and feedback.… Read more

Are you dealing with ambiguity?

Photo by Sensei Minimal on Unsplash

The future of work will either be cataclysmic or exciting. The robots could take all our jobs, or maybe there is an exciting future ahead for those of us who are willing to upskill. That is the ambiguous conclusion of the speakers at the Future Work Summit this week in Melbourne.

Either way, the impact is profound. The World Economic Forum has described the era we have now entered as the Fourth Industrial Revolution which, “….isRead more

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