If you want to be an effective leader, learn how to listen

Charismatic leaders are like magnets, attracting people to them. But maybe their charisma is not based on what we think it is. The myth of a charismatic leader is someone who is inspiring on the podium, commands the room, and enjoys speaking. But when people describe charismatic leaders they have met, it’s their ability to … Read more

8 Behaviours That Will Push People Out the Door

Recent research data gathered in the pandemic by Zenger Folkman suggests poor performance by leaders on 8 behaviours pushes team members out the door and increases turnover significantly. Their research shows that the number one factor influencing people to quit their job continues to be the behaviour of their immediate supervisor or manager.  This has … Read more

Why investing in leadership development is the key to reducing staff turnover

Sandra was sceptical about the value of investing in leadership development. She had been a successful individual contributor, which led to her being promoted to a leadership role. However, she continued acting much the same way she had as a technical expert, producing results through her hard work and individual effort. Now she was in … Read more

Why good listening is much more than being silent while the other person talks

When Dan took on his new role, he did not want to fall into the trap of communicating his vision while crossing his fingers and hoping it would all turn out. He had been on the receiving end of too many failed change programs that relied on broadcasting key messages. Teams often resisted the change … Read more