Leaders who focus on developing their strength produce the best results

Andre wished he could be like a leader he worked with in the early part of his career. This was a charismatic leader he admired who could inspire and motivate people around him. He gave rousing presentations and knew how to work the room. Andre noticed people would walk over hot coals for this leader. … Read more

Taking responsibility is a major reason for promotion

Peter* stepped up and took responsibility when his boss abruptly left under a cloud. The leadership team had lost focus. The business was not performing well and staff morale was at an all-time low. Everyone was waiting for someone else to do something. Peter took on being ‘the one’ to challenge the leadership team to … Read more

Empathy is important, but it’s more than just listening

Kathy’s boss gave her his empathy and listened to her concerns about teamwork in their group and her request to change their meeting structure. He played back what she said, and she came away from the meeting satisfied he gave her a good hearing. But in her mind, he created an expectation he would respond … Read more

Listening: The skill that separates outstanding leaders from the rest

Brilliant problem solvers often go straight to the problem. The project is off the rails, so let’s get the team member responsible to explain what went wrong. But it would help to do some listening and take an interest in the team member before launching into problem-solving mode. Steven Covey said, “Seek first to understand, … Read more

If you want to be an effective leader, learn how to listen

Charismatic leaders are like magnets, attracting people to them. But maybe their charisma is not based on what we think it is. The myth of a charismatic leader is someone who is inspiring on the podium, commands the room, and enjoys speaking. But when people describe charismatic leaders they have met, it’s their ability to … Read more