How game-changing leaders develop a point of view about the future

If you are a game-changing leader you show up with a point of view about the future. If that point of view solves a problem in the marketplace, you become the ‘go to’ person on the topic. Maybe it’s about technology, team performance, business development or customer experience. It could be specific to the future … Read more

How leaders decompress through acknowledgement and appreciation

Scuba divers learn not to ascend too fast without properly decompressing or they will experience a condition known as the bends. As divers go further down, the pressure on their lungs increases. They decompress by coming up to the surface slowly so their body can adjust. Otherwise, the bends can cause severe pain, organ damage, or … Read more

Leaders who focus on developing their strength produce the best results

Andre wished he could be like a leader he worked with in the early part of his career. This was a charismatic leader he admired who could inspire and motivate people around him. He gave rousing presentations and knew how to work the room. Andre noticed people would walk over hot coals for this leader. … Read more

How the coaching model of theory and practice is the best way to learn

You can’t expect to get fit by having a session with a fitness trainer, without doing the work between sessions. Of course, turning up is better than doing nothing, but you need deliberate practice if you really want to achieve your aim to get fit. The fitness coach doesn’t do the work. They may guide … Read more

Expand your leadership if you want to play a bigger game

Catherine landed the biggest deal her business had ever signed. Her global CEO congratulated her in front of the executive leadership team for the impact she had on the company. However, the accolades soon turned to anguish as she confronted the expectations she had created to deliver on the contract. Her confidence sank. Have you … Read more