How leaders embrace challenges and build resilience

A raft of problems beset Marie. Her new boss had thrown the pieces of the organisation jigsaw puzzle into the air. Her position was now in question. Some of her colleagues had their knives out, competing with her for resources and attention. She was worried and questioned whether she had what it takes to do … Read more

Role models like Ted show us how to live an extraordinary life

What is it about birthdays ending with zero that prompts us to reflect on our lives and reassess where we are going? A single zero causes us to re-evaluate life so we can only imagine what celebrating a birthday with two zeros is like. My good friend Ted Holmes has been reflecting on his extraordinary … Read more

Employers struggle to understand why people are quitting

Gary always said thank you when his team members delivered something they had promised him. Whether it was a simple report or a complex recommendation, it did not matter. He always expressed his heartfelt appreciation and made sure they did not just brush it off. People went away, glowing from his acknowledgment. Of course, they … Read more

How leaders provide psychological safety to take risks and make mistakes

Sharon sees psychological safety as being about providing the space for people to succeed. She believes people should feel that they are in a safe enough space, to take risks, to be wrong sometimes and make mistakes. It is about her team believing that being accountable is a good thing, to fail fast and get … Read more

Why it’s a good idea to hit pause and ask some key questions

Forty percent of employees in a McKinsey survey say they are at least somewhat likely to quit in the next three to six months. Eighteen percent of the respondents said their intentions range from likely to almost certain.  McKinsey outlined these findings in the article, ‘Great Attrition’ or ‘Great Attraction’? The choice is yours. The … Read more