How to frame your objectives and get results

Frameworks were important for my client, Ravi. As a cyber security expert, he cut his teeth using a variety of frameworks to secure network and computer systems from threats from cyber criminals. But now he was in leadership, he discovered his stakeholders could not relate to the complexity of his frameworks. The more detailed he … Read more

Great leaders show people appreciation in tangible ways

My four grandchildren live interstate, so it has meant that I could not visit them for a few months because of COVID travel restrictions. They are budding artists, so I asked them for some drawings for my study wall. It is hard to describe my joy when their masterpieces turned up in the mail the … Read more

Why leaders who care about people are critical

Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft, makes a powerful case for the importance of leadership in the path to global recovery. Speaking at a recent panel discussion hosted by The Australian Financial Review he said, “We as humans, irrespective of whether we are young or old, will always require human contact. To somehow think that because technology … Read more

Leaders shift their mindset and focus on results

A raft of problems beset Marie. The new boss had thrown the pieces of the organisation jigsaw puzzle into the air. Her position was now in question. Some colleagues had their knives out, competing for resources and attention. Marie worried a lot and questioned whether she had what it takes to do the job. When … Read more

How to adopt a beginner’s mindset

Have you had a first time experience during lockdown? In the past week I have attended an online funeral service, a virtual wine-tasting session, a zoom book launch and held client coaching sessions via video. They were all alternatives to traditional face-to-face meetings. Of course, they were not as good as the real thing. But … Read more