Why leaders who listen and validate others have an edge

The conversation Ray had with a senior leader at a pre-COVID event captivated him. He said the executive asked him about his business objectives, his role, and the challenges he faced. He listened intently to the responses and although he did not offer any advice or suggestions, his comments showed he could relate to everything … Read more

Why practising kindness is a crucial leadership skill

It has delighted me to hear from several people over the last few weeks checking in with me to see how I am going with the latest lockdown. Fi Slaven’s message is one of my favourites. She lets me know, “I’m here if you need me.” It is a phrase she borrowed from netball. When … Read more

Why leadership is about focusing on what will make the biggest impact

There were bushfires approaching in three directions around our property in the Dandenong ranges near Melbourne on Ash Wednesday in 1983. My daughter had just been born the day before and I was at home with my two-year-old son. The authorities were preparing people to be ready to evacuate if the fires came any closer. … Read more

Why those tough conversations are best for everyone

Paul weeded out some non-performers in his organisation, and his team breathed a collective sigh of relief. He had exhausted the carrot tactics of encouragement and positive feedback and deferred the stick approach, thinking his team may not approve. But once he acted, they were upbeat and told him it was about time. What Paul … Read more

How outstanding leaders learn what makes people tick

Patrick Mouratoglou has coached Serena Williams since 2012 and has worked with Marcos Baghdatis and several other top players. In the Netflix series The Playbook, Patrick talks about growing up as a painfully shy child with no self-confidence. It took him a year of meeting with a psychologist once a week before he said a … Read more