How learning and growing can help us find satisfaction and fulfilment

Karen lacked satisfaction and fulfilment in her job. She was enduring the grind of non-stop meetings and 24/7 digital connection. If something did not give, she risked burning out. She told herself she did not have what it takes to be a leader. But it disappointed her to accept less than what she knew she … Read more

Take your attention off yourself; it is a valuable practice

In my early career, I lived in mortal dread of giving a formal presentation. If my nervousness got the better of me, I could make a fool of myself, I thought. And then the worst happened. I was in the middle of a talk when I went blank. I forgot what I had said before … Read more

How having a sense of purpose is key to a positive culture

Leaders say maintaining a positive culture is their highest priority with working from home or in a hybrid model. That is the key finding from my poll about the main challenge leaders face at the moment. Creating a positive culture is not just a feel-good thing, though. Research suggests employee wellbeing is linked with a positive … Read more