Are you doing great work?

Photo by Benjamin Elliott on Unsplash

Andrew was a control freak. He was a smart guy and could quickly see the solution to most problems. He had been a great technical expert and was known for his prodigious output. But since moving into leadership he continued the formula that had served him well as an individual contributor. He believed that it was quicker to solve problems himself than explain how it should be done. He regularly complained that it was hard to find good people.… Read more

Why do some leaders almost always get the results they want?

Benjamin Zander is someone who gets big results.  More than six million people have viewed his inspiring TED Talk.  Matt Gray was so impressed by the clip, he somehow persuaded Ben to come to the UK to speak to his company… but that’s another story!

Matt said, “The whole experience has taught me that we can achieve far more in the lives of those around us if we seek to encourage, or as Ben puts it, give everyone an A.”

Have you ever had a leader like that? … Read more