Acknowledgement and appreciation; the hidden link to company success

One of the best leaders I ever had knew the power of acknowledgement and appreciation. It wasn’t just that he took an interest in his team and said ‘please’ and ‘thank you.’ He invited us to take on bigger challenges and step up because he believed in each member of his team. One way he … Read more

Prompt Engineering: The New Frontier In AI And Leadership Communication

At dinner the other night, we listened to a millennial explain how he used Chat GPT to plan a holiday, including sights to see, places to stay and where to eat. As he went through his examples of fine-tuning his questions when he wanted cheaper hotel options or restaurants with no waiting, it was clear … Read more

Transforming a dysfunctional team to design a new future

When Terry started his new role as General Manager, he acted more like a boxing referee than a leader. He inherited a dysfunctional team who spent much of their time criticising each other and engaging in infighting. They often pulled him into arbitrating disputes when latent hostilities broke out into open warfare. They were a … Read more

Confronting the hidden cost of inaction on career progress

History is littered with examples of businesses that failed to assess the cost of inaction and are no longer with us. Mainframe computer company DEC failed to capitalise on the shift to personal computing. Kodak had the opportunity to enter the digital photography market but famously missed exploiting it. We have all seen and heard … Read more

The power of a people strategy and transformational leadership

When Natalie started a new role leading a critical branch of her organisation, she knew she had to create a people strategy. Staff turnover was through the roof and employee engagement was low and it was costing them a high price. She grappled with her self-doubts about her lack of experience and expertise in strategy, … Read more