Leaders connect with people to help them be as great as they can be

Sandra learned from one of her influential mentors that outstanding leaders connect with people on their teams. Her mentor called people at random to check in with them to see how they were going and what they needed. She also followed up and addressed their concerns if possible. They appreciated her commitment to them and, … Read more

How leaders gain confidence from their conviction about their value

As the only woman on the executive leadership team, Heather was often reluctant to speak. She replayed the team meetings and asked herself why she did not offer the gold of her insights, particularly in her area of expertise. Instead, she kept her thoughts to herself. If only she could be like the men around … Read more

Your mindset is the one thing you can control

One thing you can control in an uncertain world is your mindset. I saw the power of mindset during the 2008 global financial crisis. We were all hearing stories of gloom and doom at that time. Based on the news reports, we were all going down the toilet. I could not believe that leaders would … Read more