Empathy is important, but it’s more than just listening

Kathy’s boss gave her his empathy and listened to her concerns about teamwork in their group and her request to change their meeting structure. He played back what she said, and she came away from the meeting satisfied he gave her a good hearing. But in her mind, he created an expectation he would respond … Read more

Empower leaders at every level and turn the ship around

When David Marquet took over as commander of the nuclear submarine USS Santa Fe, he inherited a toxic culture characterised by fear, blame, and mediocrity. The crew was afraid to make mistakes, and quick to blame others. They did not have the motivation to perform at their best, and were not proud of their work. … Read more

Technical Expert to Leader: 7 signs of leaders who are not making the transition

Have you come across someone who is struggling after having been promoted from technical expert to leader? It’s often the case that the logical next step for the outstanding technical expert is into leadership. But they are typically thrown in the deep end with little or no leadership development support. Maybe now that same leader … Read more

Taking on bigger challenges with help from a coach

In last week’s post, I reported the results of a LinkedIn poll about people investing in developing their leadership ability this year. Over half the respondents said they are seeking to challenge themselves to move outside their comfort zone and do great work. If you set yourself a stretch objective at the start of the … Read more

Is this the year to invest in developing your leadership ability?

In a recent LinkedIn poll I asked people what will motivate them to invest in developing their leadership ability this year? Interestingly over half (52%) of respondents said, ‘Challenge myself.’ Take a look at the poll options and results and see what your response would be. Poll Question: What will motivate you to develop your … Read more