How leaders decompress through acknowledgement and appreciation

Scuba divers learn not to ascend too fast without properly decompressing or they will experience a condition known as the bends. As divers go further down, the pressure on their lungs increases. They decompress by coming up to the surface slowly so their body can adjust. Otherwise, the bends can cause severe pain, organ damage, or … Read more

How quiet reflection leads to more effective action

Grace had a relentless schedule of back-to-back meetings and video calls. There was no time in her day for reflection, where she could think about the future. Her work came at her like the machine that fires tennis balls at players on the practice court. In this case however, there was no way to switch … Read more

Why you don’t want to feed the big hungry giant of impostor syndrome

Many leaders operate under a facade of having it all together while living in fear that one day, someone will discover they are an impostor in a nice suit! Feeling unworthy, incompetent or undeserving – impostor syndrome – is like a big hungry giant, who demands to be fed. It has an insatiable appetite for … Read more

Why leaders need to stop trying to be the sharpest knife in the drawer

Gary always prided himself as the sharpest knife in the drawer. And for good reason! He was preeminent in his field of technical expertise. But when they appointed him to a leadership role, he became responsible for several areas he knew little about. It dismayed him to discover plenty of people on his team knew … Read more

We flourish through collaboration and struggle to ask for help

In his TED Talk, When Ideas Have Sex, Matt Ridley asks how we became the only species that becomes more prosperous as it becomes more populous? He suggests that to answer the question, we need to understand how human beings bring together their brains and enable their ideas to combine and recombine, to meet and to … Read more