How to create loyalty through curiosity and empathy

Imagine how delighted I was to receive a recent message from a colleague checking in and letting me know, “I’m here if you need.” We had a Zoom call, and she asked me about my concern for my elderly mother in aged care, a sector that has been hard hit by the renewed wave of COVID-19 in Victoria. She explained the phrase “I’m here if you need” comes from netball. When a player is taking the ball down the court, her team members run beside her calling out, “I’m here if you need.”… Read more

How a sense of purpose can guide you

The mood in the air of waiting for things to return to normal is not an option for game-changing leaders.

They are preparing for an operating environment that is likely to be dramatically different from the one we knew before the global pandemic.

What will guide their future strategy?

During the global financial crisis, Glen found that having a clear purpose statement for the organisation, was the light on the hill that guided their actions.

He did not just develop it in isolation and post it on the wall; he spent a lot of time co-creating it in sessions with his broader team so that people at all levels of the business owned it.… Read more

Are you sponsoring talented leaders?

Photo by Ben Pattinson on Unsplash

Gary identifies talented people and develops them into potential senior leaders. He challenges people to stretch their own perceptions of their leadership capability by asking them to take on bold commitments. He believes in people, sometimes more than they believe in themselves. He takes a long term view about their leadership capability. They may not be ready for a big new role today, but he wants to see if they exhibit the key behaviours that will make them a future game-changing leader.… Read more

Are you learning and growing?

Sunshine – Amelia Wall

A few months into a new job and Kevin was already asking himself how he would know when it was time to leave. It was a question that had come up often in his earlier career. He had moved jobs every year or two, so that he did not get stuck in one job for too long. But he also knew that he had to deliver game-changing results if he aspired to more senior leadership roles. On reflection, he realised that he would only leave his job when he stopped learning and growing. … Read more

Are you surrounding yourself with greatness?

Photo by Martin Adams on Unsplash

Dan is constantly seeking input. He is an avid reader and has a wide and eclectic network of people who believe in him. But it’s not all about him. He is focused on helping others achieve great things. He is always interested in my current projects and provides support, encouragement and constructive feedback. Many people have gone on to big things because Dan believed in them, perhaps more than they believed in themselves at a point in time.Read more