Big Kahuna Leadership Survey – The Chief Information Security Officer


Brian Donovan at Donovan Leadership conducts a regular research program known as the Big Kahuna Leadership Survey. He is seeking the views of influential leaders like yourself on leadership challenges that the market faces, with the objective of pooling our collective insights. 

In the latest survey, he is seeking views on the leadership capability of Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs). The leadership role of CISOs and their teams is rising as cyber security gains more prominence for every business. CISOs are being asked to play a more strategic role and to influence a wide range of stakeholders around them.Read more

Is your vision and strategy alive and well?

Have you experienced a new vision and strategy being unveiled with a flourish after a senior leadership team planning offsite? Maybe it was followed by a ‘change management’ program, designed to deliver key messages to win the hearts and minds of the broader workforce. More than likely there was no two-way dialogue with employees either before or after the event. Consequently the broader workforce had little ownership of the strategy and it is no surprise that a year or so later not much changed.
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Are you developing your talent?

Photo by Anton Repponen on Unsplash

A panel of CEOs at a recent function were complaining that technology leaders do not understand the business, that they talk technology-speak and preside over major project blow outs. I had the opportunity to ask them in the Q&A session what they were doing to build the leadership capability of their technology leaders to address those problems. I was disappointed to discover that aside from some vague ideas about external leadership programs, they did not have talent development on their radar.Read more

Why do some leaders almost always get the results they want?

Benjamin Zander is someone who gets big results.  More than six million people have viewed his inspiring TED Talk.  Matt Gray was so impressed by the clip, he somehow persuaded Ben to come to the UK to speak to his company… but that’s another story!

Matt said, “The whole experience has taught me that we can achieve far more in the lives of those around us if we seek to encourage, or as Ben puts it, give everyone an A.”… Read more