Your mindset is the one thing you can control

One thing you can control in an uncertain world is your mindset. I saw the power of mindset during the 2008 global financial crisis. We were all hearing stories of gloom and doom at that time. Based on the news reports, we were all going down the toilet. I could not believe that leaders would … Read more

Leaders shift their mindset and focus on results

A raft of problems beset Marie. The new boss had thrown the pieces of the organisation jigsaw puzzle into the air. Her position was now in question. Some colleagues had their knives out, competing for resources and attention. Marie worried a lot and questioned whether she had what it takes to do the job. When … Read more

It’s not what happens but how you react to it that matters ~ Epictetus ~

Marie was making big things happen in her new role. Clients loved her fresh approach and were delighted with the results that she produced. But, she was beset by a raft of problems when the pieces of the organisation jigsaw puzzle were thrown into the air.