Are you translating your vision and strategy into a leadership challenge?

Photo by Lindsay Henwood on Unsplash

The business was going backwards. Linda knew that they needed a new vision and strategy or they would not survive. She initially spent time listening to teams at all levels in the company, understanding their appetite for change. She outlined her view of the future if nothing changed. People began to see the case for a new vision and strategy. Linda and the leadership team created a bold new future for their organisation.

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Is your vision and strategy alive and well?

Have you experienced a new vision and strategy being unveiled with a flourish after a senior leadership team planning offsite? Maybe it was followed by a ‘change management’ program, designed to deliver key messages to win the hearts and minds of the broader workforce. More than likely there was no two-way dialogue with employees either before or after the event. Consequently the broader workforce had little ownership of the strategy and it is no surprise that a year or so later not much changed.
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