Big Kahuna Leadership Survey 2009

The “Big Kahuna Leadership Survey” conducted by Donovan Leadership collects the views of fifty influential business and community leaders, with the dual aim of both countering the negative analysis in the market place about the Global Financial Crisis and providing an opportunity for a dialogue between leaders on what it will take to meet the challenges ahead.

We asked the Big Kahuna respondents the following three questions.

  • What is your key leadership challenge over the next twelve months?
  • What are the top 2-3 attributes that you and leaders around you need to meet those challenges?
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Leadership Conversation with Mark Ingram

The focus of this leadership conversation was an inspiring initiative called Business for Millennium Development (B4MD), which is a not for profit group aligned with the UN goal of alleviating poverty in the developing world. A number of key companies are already supporting this great initiative and the challenge is to engage more businesses in Australia. The Business for Millennium Development initiative challenges companies to find new business opportunities for the 21st century – using core business in a way that both contributes to the businesses commercial success and contributes to the goal of poverty alleviation.… Read more

Technology Leadership Development Survey

Donovan Leadership conducted a series of one-on-one interviews with fifty Australian and international key opinion leaders to better understand the development needs of technology leaders. The research was motivated by the belief that they are a critical group to nurture, given the increasing reliance of businesses on technology.

The responses from this group of industry leaders have shaped the program offered by Donovan Leadership, with the following key features:

  • Focus on real world business results while building skills
  • Coaching concentrates on communication with key people, ie clients, managers, teams, peers etc
  • A structured program designed around a set of stretch objectives
  • A mixture of theory and practice

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