Moving up the Influence Curve

It’s 1971.  I am in my first job as a trainee electronic draftsman in the Postmaster General’s Department, the predecessor to Telstra.  I am asking my boss, “What do the clients think about it taking us two weeks to complete a simple drawing?”  My boss, a 50-something-year-old career draftsman, replies “Who cares what they think. They have no choice….!”  Somehow that didn’t seem quite right to me as a young man and very soon after I pursued an alternative career path.… Read more

Technology crystal ball gazers needed

Media Release 28 November 2012

The disruption to businesses and industries being caused particularly by mass consumerisation of IT is also affecting technology leaders. What is needed is for technology leaders to move up the influence curve.

That’s a main finding of a new report based on interviews with 60 influential business leaders.

Key executives from almost every sector including banking, telecommunications, resources and government participated in The Donovan Leadership Big Kahuna Leadership Survey.*

Donovan Leadership director, Brian Donovan, said that supporting technology leaders to move up the influence curve will give businesses a competitive edge.… Read more

Big Kahuna Leadership Survey White Paper 2012

The “Big Kahuna  Leadership Survey” collected the views of 60 influential business and community leaders with the aim of gathering intelligence regarding the development needs of technology leaders.  The aim of the survey is to ensure that we are all better prepared to address those needs and capture the opportunities that technology can provide for businesses in Australia. We asked the Big Kahunas three questions:

  • What is the impact of technology in your sector/business/group?
  • What is the leadership capability of your technology leaders to meet that challenge?
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A BIG Game is a Good Game!

I am running around the oval the other day, it’s freezing cold, I’m puffing and I notice that my knee is twinging, but I am determined to achieve my 400 metre objective, my current personal best. As I start to puff and pant, I tell myself that the public commitment I made to run 5km by the end of December is now a really crazy idea! However, almost simultaneously, it occurs to me that having told people my goal, I will have to account for myself.… Read more

What we do

Transforming technical experts into leaders who succeed.

Donovan Leadership transforms technical experts into leaders. Under our guidance, countless technical experts have developed the skills and behaviours to drive their teams and their organisations to unimagined success.

Technical expertise and business knowledge don’t guarantee great leadership skills. Great leaders innovate, inspire and excite. They reshape relationships to exceed expectations. They motivate their teams and deal practically with obstacles. They commit themselves to something bigger and move others to do the same. They change the game.… Read more