How to frame your objectives and get results

Frameworks were important for my client, Ravi. As a cyber security expert, he cut his teeth using a variety of frameworks to secure network and computer systems from threats from cyber criminals. But now he was in leadership, he discovered his stakeholders could not relate to the complexity of his frameworks. The more detailed he became, the less they followed him.

The lightbulb moment for him was when he realised, he needed to distinguish between frameworks and framing. If he did not make the shift to framing his objectives, he would not bring his stakeholders along with him on his important new strategy.… Read more

Great leaders show people appreciation in tangible ways

My four grandchildren live interstate, so it has meant that I could not visit them for a few months because of COVID travel restrictions. They are budding artists, so I asked them for some drawings for my study wall. It is hard to describe my joy when their masterpieces turned up in the mail the other day. Their love hearts and rainbows take pride of place on my wall. There was something tangible about their drawings that goes beyond our FaceTime calls, good as they are.… Read more