Leadership is ‘Changing the Game’

Why is that some businesses are able to reinvent themselves and others just seem to be stuck?  The question seems more relevant than ever as businesses confront the disruptive impact of technology.

A recent Deloitte report suggests that about two thirds of Australian businesses will be disrupted by technology over the next three to five years.  Donovan Leadership recently polled sixty business leaders to see how they are dealing with that challenge.  The Big Kahuna Leadership Survey summarised their views and the main conclusion was that leadership is the key. … Read more

The Changing Role of the CIO


A colleague in the USA, Phil Weinzimer, is writing a book on the strategic CIO. The title is The Strategic CIO: Changing the Dynamics of the Business Enterprise and the publisher is Taylor and Francis-CRC Press. The book will be available in early 2014. Phil has interviewed 100 CIOs, IT Leaders, and Business Executives as part of his research. The key value of the book is the insights and experiences from these business executives. The main theme of the book is how CIOs are fundamentally changing the dynamics of the business enterprise to drive business value through the strategic use of information enabled by technology, using a four-phase transformation methodology (see diagram at end of email).… Read more

A Global Challenge

I want to share a recent conversation I had with Jim Stikeleather, Chief Innovation Officer for Dell in the USA.  He is travelling the globe presenting the highlights of a ground breaking report that Dell commissioned, The C-suite Challenges IT – New Expectations for Business Value.  It has important implications for businesses everywhere.  The report confirms the findings of the Big Kahuna Leadership Survey, that technology leaders need to move up the influence curve.

Five hundred leaders from around the globe were interviewed for the Dell study. … Read more

Is it me or is it them?

I was talking to a mentor of mine some years back and was trying to tell him, that it was really not me that was the problem, it was them…!! He nodded wisely and then told me that whilst that may be true, the fact is that I can’t control ‘them’ or what they do or say. On the other hand, the thing I can control is ‘me’ and my response. It was a valuable life lesson and one I have been reminded of recently as I listen to the responses of technology leaders to the key findings from the Big Kahuna Leadership Survey.… Read more