It’s not what happens but how you react to it that matters ~ Epictetus ~

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Marie was making big things happen in her new role. Clients loved her fresh approach and were delighted with the results that she produced. But, she was beset by a raft of problems when the pieces of the organisation jigsaw puzzle were thrown into the air. She had a new boss and her position and the remuneration she had been promised were now in question. Internal politics were rife, as colleagues competed with her for resources and attention.Read more

It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it

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Samantha was in the grip of perfectionism. Nothing she did was ever good enough, at least in her eyes. She often compared herself unfavourably with other people. Her perfectionism had turned her into a chronic procrastinator. She delayed finalising her work because she thought it was not yet good enough for others to see. She tried all the productivity tools, tips and techniques she had heard about but nothing really altered.

She could see her leadership aspirations being dashed if she did not change and she decided to put an end to her perfectionism.Read more

Are you building on a foundation of accomplishment?

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When Mary-Anne arrived back at work after the break she received an email from her boss that upset her. She had asked him to confirm his end of year offer for her to lead a big new project in February. But his response was ambivalent. It seemed to her like he was withdrawing his support.

She would have advised anyone else in this situation to have a clarifying conversation with her boss. But instead she stewed in self-doubt, anger and disappointment.Read more

Are you confident in your value?


As the only woman on the executive leadership team at the strategic offsite, Heather* was reluctant to risk speaking up. She asked the facilitator to present on her area of accountability rather than do it herself. It was a decision that she later deeply regretted. She was sick and tired of holding herself back. She wanted to build her confidence and break out of the protective bubble that she had created for herself.

Heather decided to take on a stretch objective to formulate a restructure of the business and present it to the executive leadership team.Read more

Create opportunities to change the game


Frances* keynote address at the CIO conference was a big hit. The audience could all relate to her experience of IT systems being considered too late in mergers, acquisitions or reorganisations. She had a depth of understanding on the topic and recommendations for success that had come from gathering market intelligence on the topic. She was a demonstration to them of the strategic value that CIOs can provide. 

A few months earlier she had turned a problem into an opportunity.Read more