Are you building on a foundation of accomplishment?

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When Mary-Anne arrived back at work after the break she received an email from her boss that upset her. She had asked him to confirm his end of year offer for her to lead a big new project in February. But his response was ambivalent. It seemed to her like he was withdrawing his support.

She would have advised anyone else in this situation to have a clarifying conversation with her boss. But instead she stewed in self-doubt, anger and disappointment.Read more

End the year on a high note

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End of year madness is fast approaching. Christmas decorations are already in the shops. Maybe you suddenly realise that you have not yet taken enough action on your new-year resolution to get fit (just saying). Perhaps time is running out to achieve all your business or professional objectives for this year. Add to that family and holiday plans looming up.  

As we deal with the calendar ticking over, it is all too easy to focus on what we have not done rather than what we have actually accomplished over the year. Read more