Influential U Podcast; Play In A Bigger Environment

It was an honour to be a guest on Influential U’s podcast hosted by the multi talented Josh Damigo. The episode, ‘Transformative Leadership’ is now available on all major podcast platforms for you to enjoy. Josh turned our interview into a great conversation about what I have learned from studying with Influential U and how … Read more

Leadership is about bringing people along with you

Kevin could see solutions to problems long before others. But it made him impatient with his team; they could not keep up with him. They would often discuss a problem they faced, but he could already see a solution and wanted to push forward. However, if he did so before everyone had aligned, it only … Read more

Being well-intentioned doesn’t get you what you want 

Have you ever scheduled time in your calendar to exercise and when the time came didn’t do it? How about when you set aside time for study, reading and thinking and something else overtook it? In my case, I would tell myself next week will be different, but more often than not, it wasn’t. I … Read more