It’s not the seat at the table, it’s what you do with it

I was presenting to a senior leadership group on one occasion and they were not responding to the topic. 

When one member of the team who had been silent, spoke up to support my call for action everyone listened. Once he recommended they get behind the proposal, the others supported it.

You often hear leaders say they need a seat at the main leadership table, but if you win that seat, you need to know what to do with it. 

I am sure you have seen it happen.… Read more

You need to stand for something to change the game

Photo by Artem Verbo on Unsplash


Have you noticed that progress toward a stretch objective does not always go in a straight line? It is like tacking a yacht; you are constantly adjusting your course to reach your destination. Having a stand for a bigger future helps you stay on track.

When Greg was appointed as CIO, he affirmed his conviction that a digital and technology strategy was vital to the success of the business. He also declared his stand to make a difference.Read more