How leaders decompress through acknowledgement and appreciation

Scuba divers learn not to ascend too fast without properly decompressing or they will experience a condition known as the bends. As divers go further down, the pressure on their lungs increases. They decompress by coming up to the surface slowly so their body can adjust. Otherwise, the bends can cause severe pain, organ damage, or … Read more

How good leaders support and sponsor other leaders

It takes a certain kind of leader to sponsor other leaders around them to be leaders.  Gary identifies talented people and nurtures them into potential senior leaders by challenging them to take on bold commitments which stretch their own perceptions of their leadership capability.  That translates into him believing in people, sometimes more than they … Read more

Leaders believe in people and help them step up

Has someone believed in you more than you believed in yourself in your career? Most of us have had that experience. Dave could see the potential of a young gun on his team. This guy was quick on the uptake and eager to make his mark. There was an exciting energy about him, which you … Read more