Influential U Podcast; Play In A Bigger Environment

It was an honour to be a guest on Influential Uā€™s podcast hosted by the multi talented Josh Damigo.

The episode, ‘Transformative Leadership’ is now available on all major podcast platforms for you to enjoy.

Josh turned our interview into a great conversation about what I have learned from studying with Influential U and how I am applying that knowledge in my coaching business.

One of the highlights we discussed was how the environment we place ourselves in, shapes the way we think and behave.

Like when I was young and played a game of tennis with some champions who were much better than me, I lifted my game to play the best I had ever played.

We lift our game when we are in an environment that calls for us to be bigger than we know ourselves to be.

Josh and I enjoyed our conversation on this topic and many others and we hope you will too.

You can listen in or watch the recording of this episode on the Influential U website, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

This podcast episode is also available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or any place you get your podcasts.

šŸ™‹ How important is the environment you place yourself in for your performance? šŸ™‹

Best regards, Brian