Why being sold on your value will give you satisfaction and fulfilment

Heather had been floating in a sea of mediocrity for too many years. She watched as opportunities for professional development and promotion passed her by. It felt to her like people did not appreciate her value. It was high time for her to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

In her coaching program, Heather decided it was high time to stop lurking in the shadows. But she had doubts about her own abilities, much like any ordinary person. However, she was determined to confront her self-doubt and her insecurities, which had plagued her progress for too long. With introspection, she saw her own strength, which was an innate ability to connect with people and build understanding.

But because her strength came easily to her, she thought everyone had the same ability, and she underrated her value. She realised if she couldn’t sell herself on her own value, no one else would. Armed with a new self-belief, she shifted her focus from her own concerns to her clients’ strategic objectives.

Instead of waiting for the day when she felt confident enough to solve all their problems, she became a bridge between her clients and her team. Her ability to listen and understand her clients’ goals won their trust. She transformed their strategic objectives into actionable plans with her team, delivering results that amazed her clients.

“The first sale is to yourself.”

Attributed to motivational speaker and author Mark Cuban

Heather realised that the value she offered was rare and in high demand. She is no longer being passed over for development and recently received a promotion. Her progress was about more than just career growth. She had found a new sense of fulfilment because she genuinely believed in the value she offered and how important it was for the business.

Heather’s newfound confidence is not the flashy swagger often associated with success. It is a quiet confidence that stems from understanding her value. Heather’s example shows anyone can achieve true fulfilment by recognising their unique strengths and embracing them.

🙋‍♀️ In your experience, how important is self-belief in achieving success and personal fulfilment in your work and career? 🙋

Best regards, Brian