How leaders create mutual respect with the people around them and reap the rewards

Vic’s leadership philosophy is all about caring for people. His mentors in his earlier career ingrained in him the power of treating people with respect, from the newest graduate to the highest executive. Like all great leaders, he focuses on results. He is all over the plans, objectives, and milestones for his team to achieve stretch … Read more

Are you future proofing yourself?

Helen has a great ability to connect with people. She is interested in their lives and they enjoy being around her. In one-on-one meetings, people warm to her authenticity and good humour. But in large group presentations she was often overcome with fear. She really wanted to be able to take her friendly demeanour into … Read more

Are you dealing with ambiguity?

The future of work will either be cataclysmic or exciting. The robots could take all our jobs, or maybe there is an exciting future ahead for those of us who are willing to upskill. That is the ambiguous conclusion of the speakers at the Future Work Summit this week in Melbourne. Either way, the impact … Read more