How to Use Your Superpower as a Blessing not a Curse

Lance’s critical thinking superpower was both a blessing and a curse. It was a blessing that had served him well in his earlier career as a subject matter expert because he could solve even the most complex problems. But now he was an executive, his critical thinking ability had turned into a curse. His peers and team members viewed him as a naysayer because he critiqued their proposals and told them why they would not work.

He was just as frustrated to be seen as Dr No when in his mind all he was doing was applying critical thinking to problems. But he was putting people offside and if he did not transform his superpower, he was likely to be sidelined. 

He redefined his critical thinking strength as part of his coaching program. He realised he had been operating in his comfort zone solving detail problems. Now he was a leader, the key question he needed to ask himself was what is a problem worth his time? At the top of his list was the future strategy for the business and how to execute the strategy. His mindset shift led him to the next big problem: how to support other people to be outstanding leaders. 

That shift took courage and him being willing to trust people around him to step up. Lance’s transformation is consistent with the skills and attributes leaders need for digital transformation to succeed. New research led by Linda Hill at Harvard Business School, “Leading in the Digital Era,” concludes, “Leaders who set out to reshape their companies to compete in a fast-evolving digital world often come to a daunting realisation: To transform their organisations, they must first transform themselves.”

Based on their research, the report suggests six skills leaders need in the digital age. 

1️⃣ Be a catalyst, not a planner

In the digital era, …. customer and stakeholder expectations continue to evolve. 

2️⃣ Trust and let go

Leading in the digital era is an exercise in trust. 

3️⃣ Be an explorer

With so much changing around them, leaders must be explorers. 

4️⃣ Be courageous

With more risks than ever ….executives need courage to make big bets.

5️⃣ Be present

The best leaders stay present and emotionally engaged, communicating openly and authentically. 

6️⃣ Live values with conviction

Leaders need to be clear about not just what they’re doing, but why they’re doing it. 

🙋 Which of these leadership skills and attributes resonates with you? 🙋‍♀️

Best regards, Brian