Three Steps to Help You Secure Your Dream Job

Are you in your dream job where you get paid to do work you love? It could be a reflection on life after the pandemic or other factors, but there is a current sentiment of people thinking it is time for change. If that is you or someone you know, you may be interested in a three-part model I have used with many clients with outstanding success in my career transition coaching program. You could also apply the principles to reinvigorate your current role or map them on to a solopreneur business. 

What I want

The model starts with being clear about what you want. It sounds easy, but the problem is most of us only talk about what we DON’T want:

❌ Unsupportive boss

❌ Dysfunctional culture

❌ Etc etc.

But we need to say what we DO want:

✅ Influencing business strategy at the top table

✅ Leading an initiative that has never been done before

✅ Etc etc.

Your list of ingredients of what you DO want is critical. It’s like making a cake; you need to know what ingredients you will need. Once you have your list of ingredients, you can convert it into what you offer, which is the next piece in the model. 

What I offer

Let’s say you want the opportunity to influence business strategy at the top table. That is of only passing interest to a future employer; they want to know what they get. You need to articulate examples of how you have developed strategies, influenced stakeholders, and collaborated with others. Reframing what you want into what they get will give you a succinct statement of the value you offer. 💪

It is worth the effort because most of us underrate our value. When you are clear about your value and how it helps solve a real problem for a future employer, you can discover what the market wants, which is the third and final piece of the model. 🔐

What the market wants

The collective insights that come from having conversations with people can give you a broader perspective and expand your point of view about the value you offer. 💡

These conversations are more than just networking; you are exchanging value with the people you meet. Talk to enough people and you will see what the market wants in this area where you provide value. It also puts you in the unique position of identifying where the gaps are. 🧩

Dream job

I have seen it happen time after time. Once people clarify what they want, the value they offer and understand what the market wants in that area, they become known as the go-to person who can solve a big problem for people. That is when you get snapped up and offered your dream job. 🏆

Best regards, Brian

Three steps to secure your dream job
Three steps to secure your dream job