The surprisingly soft way to get an edge in leadership

We have all experienced how critical soft skills are in leadership. Think about an influential leader you have worked with. We will invariably find their success comes down to how they treated people. However, no doubt you have also witnessed leaders who treat people poorly. These so-called soft skills give us the edge we need to become an outstanding leader. 

However, high staff turnover may be caused by people being thrust into leadership with little or no development of their people skills.

A McKinsey study shows uncaring and uninspiring leaders are a big part of why people left their jobs. The survey found 40% of workers globally say they may leave their jobs soon.

The report says, β€œβ€¦it cannot be overstated just how influential a bad boss can be in causing people to leave. And while in the past an attractive salary could keep people in a job despite a bad boss, that is much less true now than it was before the pandemic.”

We need to do more to support leaders, particularly to assist them in developing their soft skills. The way people learn best is through a mixture of theory and practice, which is the coaching model. In a coaching program, participants discover their people skills help them build their influence. It gives you the edge you need to achieve stretch results.

Of course, that also makes you more marketable.

πŸ™‹ How important are soft skills for leaders in your experience? πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ

Best regards, Brian

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