How do you show up?

Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

When Joseph Tawadros came on stage at his concert last week, he took a moment to wordlessly be with the audience. He then played a single perfect note on his Oud that reverberated around the Melbourne Recital Centre. He showed up ready to go, with the intention to give us, the audience, the value we wanted. He continued as he started, with a world class performance.

It is a good analogy for the job of a leader.… Read more

Respect is simple but powerful

Photo: Sebastiano Pitruzzello

Ross gave Gary* a big hug when he returned to work after several of his immediate family members were killed in a terrible car accident. Ross did not mind that his hard-bitten executive leadership team members were watching. He knew that it would not be easy for Gary to come back to work after facing such a tragedy. He was genuinely concerned for Gary and his spontaneous hug was an expression of his support for Gary and what he was going through. Read more