Leaders who show respect get the best results

Those of us in Melbourne have just returned to six weeks of lockdown. We had a pleasant reprieve for a couple of weeks of coffee meetings. I got a shock in one of my first in-person conversations, when my friend looked me in the eye and asked me a question. I think I was so used to being online, I had forgotten what it is like to connect with another human being face-to-face. Video platforms have served us well and kept us in touch with each other, but you never make real eye contact or see all the non-verbal clues with the person on the screen.… Read more

Respect is simple but powerful

Photo: Sebastiano Pitruzzello

Ross gave Gary* a big hug when he returned to work after several of his immediate family members were killed in a terrible car accident. Ross did not mind that his hard-bitten executive leadership team members were watching. He knew that it would not be easy for Gary to come back to work after facing such a tragedy. He was genuinely concerned for Gary and his spontaneous hug was an expression of his support for Gary and what he was going through. Read more

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