Why leaders who maintain a positive culture get the best results

Thank you to everyone who responded to last week’s survey about how hybrid working is affecting leaders. I asked, what is the main challenge leaders face with a working from home/hybrid model? The results from my newsletter survey and an identical poll I conducted on LinkedIn (in percentages) are: Maintaining a positive culture 43% Supporting … Read more

Why leaders need to take care of themselves if they are going to support others

There is plenty of discussion about lockdown fatigue and its impact on mental health. The message is clear about the need to support each other, and those who are distressed, within our families, workplaces, communities, and churches throughout this period. I am aware of leaders making heroic efforts to check in with their teams adopting … Read more

How coaches can help leaders go for gold just like elite athletes

The highlight of many memorable Olympic moments for me was seeing Australian swimming coach Dean Boxall’s excitement after 20-year-old Ariane Titmus beat US star Katie Ledecky in the final of the women’s 400m freestyle. As her coach, he was just as elated as her when she achieved her dream of winning gold. His bold style … Read more

How leaders avert overthinking and the curse of perfectionism

Grace had an amazing capacity for analytical thinking, but she was using her superpower to overthink the simplest of problems. She worried about getting the right answer to any issue, believing a mistake could cost her job. Worrying about finding a perfect solution made her anxious most of the time. Her tendency for analysis paralysis … Read more

How leaders gain confidence from their conviction about their value

As the only woman on the executive leadership team, Heather was often reluctant to speak. She replayed the team meetings and asked herself why she did not offer the gold of her insights, particularly in her area of expertise. Instead, she kept her thoughts to herself. If only she could be like the men around … Read more