How to harness the power of reinventing yourself

When you were a subject matter expert, chances are you were great at solving problems in your chosen field. But your problem solving superpower can become your weakness when you move into leadership if you do not reinvent it. Reinventing your strength builds your influence and gets you bigger results. My client Rao was an … Read more

A little bit of appreciation can make a BIG difference

Mark calls people several levels down in his organisation to say thank you for something they have contributed. He acknowledges them for achieving a specific result as well as what it took for them to deliver it.  His leadership team keeps him supplied with plenty of examples of impressive work, at his request.  It is … Read more

What will be your theme for the year?

When my three children were little, I would ask them, “What do you want the weekend to be about?” One might say, “How about we make it ten times more exciting than we have ever had!” If the others agreed, then we had our theme for the weekend. We learned that if we set the … Read more