A little bit of appreciation can make a BIG difference

Mark calls people several levels down in his organisation to say thank you for something they have contributed. He acknowledges them for achieving a specific result as well as what it took for them to deliver it. 

His leadership team keeps him supplied with plenty of examples of impressive work, at his request. 

It is a weekly practice that pays dividends. People are often surprised and delighted when they receive his call. The ripple effect of his practice has resulted in a culture that celebrates success. It is no surprise that employee engagement scores are high and his group achieves exceptional results. 

Sometimes leaders make small gestures of appreciation that make a BIG difference. But there is a subtle difference between employee appreciation and recognition. 

According to Mike Robbins, author of ‘Bring Your Whole Self to Work,’ recognition is “positive feedback based on results or performance.” Appreciation is more about people, less about what they do, more about who they are. 

🙋 What are tangible ways you have seen leaders show appreciation? 🙋

Best regards, Brian