What will be your theme for the year?

When my three children were little, I would ask them, “What do you want the weekend to be about?”

One might say, “How about we make it ten times more exciting than we have ever had!” If the others agreed, then we had our theme for the weekend.

We learned that if we set the theme first, it gave us a new context for our weekend activities. It was no accident that it usually turned out the way we said. We also realised that if we could do it for a weekend, we could do it for a week, a month or even a year.

Now is a perfect time to create a theme for the year.

It is a thread to connect your projects and objectives for 2021. It could be something you you have already been thinking about. My theme for 2021 is luxury, as in the luxury of time for things that are important. 

In the HBR article, What’s Your One Big Theme? Peter Bregman suggests, “After thinking about the best of who you are and what you’ve done, list the things you want to change. Then, stare at the list until it reveals the one thing that would impact it the most. Maybe, for you, it’s being more aggressive. Or less. Maybe it’s slowing down or speeding up or speaking out or being more gentle with yourself and others. If you’re not sure, try something for a few weeks and see what changes.”

Here are some examples I have come across. 

✴️ Hell yeah or no

✴️ Smashing barriers

✴️ Buckle up

✴️ Being world class

✴️ A sense of urgency

✴️ Re-invention

✴️ Going first class

✴️ Simplification

✴️ More joy

✴️ Expansion

✴️ Being fearless

🙋What is a theme that would inspire you this year?🙋‍♀️

Best regards, Brian