Silence is Golden

There is a new book out that honours the age-old proverb, Silence is Golden. One school of thought is the origin of the phrase, “If speech is of silver, then silence is of gold” comes from Solomon, the great king of wisdom. The words are shorthand for the wisdom of knowing when to speak and when to abide.

Below, I have summarised the book and why you may enjoy it too.


GOLDEN: The Power of Silence in a World of Noise by Justin Zorn and Leigh Marz


Justin Talbot Zorn has served as both a policymaker and a meditation teacher in the US Congress.

Leigh Marz is an author, leadership coach, and collaboration consultant.


Here is a summary by the authors:

  1. Silence isn’t just the absence of noise.

    Profound silence is presence beyond external distraction and internal chatter. It’s a presence that brings clarity, connection, energy, and inspiration.

  2. The world is noisier than ever—in our ears, on our screens, and in our heads.

    Researchers have found that most people switch between different online content every 19 seconds.
  1. Noise is our society’s most celebrated addiction.

    Moments of pristine attention—like deep immersion in nature, art, or play with our children—don’t register any value, according to GDP. Yet, these moments often contribute most to fulfillment and well-being.
  1. To get beyond noise, look beyond the typical rules and tools of mindfulness.

    Each of us—in our own way—knows what silence feels like. It’s inherent to being human.
  1. The simple act of listening to silence can regenerate our brains.

    Researchers described a core finding: “trying to hear in silence” activates the brain and promotes neural development. Take time to listen to the birds, breeze, or nothing in particular. Listen to the empty spaces between words in a conversation or between songs. Integrate simple moments of silent attention between tasks.

🙋 How do you find silence in a world full of distractions? 🙋‍♀️

Best regards, Brian