What is an important leadership attribute for you to focus on this year?

Welcome to 2022! What will it take to be an even more effective leader this year? How do you adopt a growth mindset when the environment is shifting, people are anxious, you are working in a hybrid model and clients are tentative about making investment decisions? Here are some leadership attributes I believe will help … Read more

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Transforming technical experts into leaders who succeed. Donovan Leadership transforms technical experts into leaders. Under our guidance, countless technical experts have developed the skills and behaviours to drive their teams and their organisations to unimagined success. Technical expertise and business knowledge don’t guarantee great leadership skills. Great leaders innovate, inspire and excite. They reshape relationships … Read more

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There are many books about leadership and definitions of what it is. We believe that leadership is about changing the game, or taking us somewhere we have not been before. Why is it important? A digital revolution driven by technology is changing the game for businesses everywhere. Technology is changing the game whether we like … Read more