How planning can help you reduce stress

I drove my car to the appointed meeting place early one morning recently to meet my bike riding buddies, only to discover I forgot my bike shoes. You know, the special shoes with the cleats. I couldn’t ride without them. It was frustrating and embarrassing. But it had an even bigger impact on my fellow … Read more

It’s all people and relationships: A tribute to Harry Wragge

My good friend and boss of many years, Harry Wragge, passed away recently. I want to pay tribute to his leadership and the way he influenced not only my career, but countless others who worked with him. His major contributions to Australian telecommunications have been extensively documented elsewhere. I want to focus on his leadership and … Read more

How game-changing leaders develop a point of view about the future

If you are a game-changing leader you show up with a point of view about the future. If that point of view solves a problem in the marketplace, you become the ‘go to’ person on the topic. Maybe it’s about technology, team performance, business development or customer experience. It could be specific to the future … Read more

How leaders decompress through acknowledgement and appreciation

Scuba divers learn not to ascend too fast without properly decompressing or they will experience a condition known as the bends. As divers go further down, the pressure on their lungs increases. They decompress by coming up to the surface slowly so their body can adjust. Otherwise, the bends can cause severe pain, organ damage, or … Read more

Leaders who focus on developing their strength produce the best results

Andre wished he could be like a leader he worked with in the early part of his career. This was a charismatic leader he admired who could inspire and motivate people around him. He gave rousing presentations and knew how to work the room. Andre noticed people would walk over hot coals for this leader. … Read more