Who knows where the time goes?[1]

Is your year already fast disappearing?  Are you worried that your time gets taken up by the ‘stuff’ that is coming at you every day?

Without a clear set of priorities, it is likely that 2015 will quickly disappear.  Of course there is never enough time to do everything.  But, we will make time for things that are high priority.

For example, last week I took a few days out to help my son relocate to NSW.  There were lots of other demands on my time, but family always has the highest priority for me. … Read more

Leadership Conversation with Phil Weinzimer

CIOs Expanding their Influence

We talk with Phil Weinzimer about his new book, The Strategic CIO: Changing the Dynamics of the Business Enterprise.  He conducted 156 interviews with CIOs, executives and academic thought leaders on how they leverage information and technology for competitive advantage.  In this video interview, Phil gives us some practical insights into how CIOs are playing a more strategic role and expanding their influence.  He has developed a unique four-phase methodology for creating customer value, improving margins and enhancing shareholder wealth.  Read more

Why do some leaders almost always get the results they want?

Benjamin Zander is someone who gets big results.  More than six million people have viewed his inspiring TED Talk.  Matt Gray was so impressed by the clip, he somehow persuaded Ben to come to the UK to speak to his company… but that’s another story!

Matt said, “The whole experience has taught me that we can achieve far more in the lives of those around us if we seek to encourage, or as Ben puts it, give everyone an A.”… Read more