Leaders believe in people and help them step up

Has someone believed in you more than you believed in yourself in your career? Most of us have had that experience. Dave could see the potential of a young gun on his team. This guy was quick on the uptake and eager to make his mark. There was an exciting energy about him, which you … Read more

Why leaders want someone to tell them what they need to hear

Back in the day, my new boss Michael* asked me to tell him what he needed to know. He said, “Plenty of people will tell me what I would like to hear, that I am doing a great job. But I am asking you to tell me what I need to know.” I agreed, provided … Read more

How leaders move outside their comfort zone to change the game

Annette’s boss gave her the feedback he wanted to see her playing a more strategic role, helping future proof the business. He could count her on as a safe pair of hands in day-to-day operational matters, but not on strategic issues because she was too busy fighting fires. A nagging sense of not fulfilling her … Read more

How leaders can reinvent themselves and help others flourish

When I first met my client Jamie, his brilliant mind enthralled me. He could break down any topic we discussed, make connections, and come up with deep insights. We discovered ‘structured thinking’ was his inherent strength. It led him into the cyber security field and sped up his career as an outstanding individual contributor. But … Read more

How leaders create mutual respect with the people around them and reap the rewards

Vic’s leadership philosophy is all about caring for people. His mentors in his earlier career ingrained in him the power of treating people with respect, from the newest graduate to the highest executive. Like all great leaders, he focuses on results. He is all over the plans, objectives, and milestones for his team to achieve stretch … Read more