Why great leaders are focused on who they need to be

David left a successful corporate career and built a flourishing new venture, something many corporate executives only dream of doing.  He attributes his success to the direct relationship between his behaviours, and how people respond to him.  There is a correlation with where he is at and how people respond to him.  Some days he … Read more

How market leaders gain organisation-wide ownership for their purpose

When Satya Nadella was appointed in 2014 as only the third CEO in Microsoft’s 40-year history, he knew that as well as the urgent need for Microsoft’s technology and business strategy to evolve, even more pressing was the need to develop its culture and redefine its purpose. 👇🏽 Microsoft embarked on an extensive effort to … Read more

How great leaders combine humility and ambition to change the game

As the CEO of a fast-growing business, Michael faces the challenge of scaling up to meet the expected demand for their products. He is mindful that scaling the business is as much a leadership challenge as it is a business challenge. He knows he needs to step up his leadership if he is to expect … Read more

How good leaders keep learning and growing

When Karen looks back over her thirty-year career, it amazes her that many people believed in her and supported her, perhaps more than she believed in herself at certain points in time. Their influence lives on not just because they believed in her, but also because through their example, they each taught her about important … Read more

How to harness the power of reinventing yourself

When you were a subject matter expert, chances are you were great at solving problems in your chosen field. But your problem solving superpower can become your weakness when you move into leadership if you do not reinvent it. Reinventing your strength builds your influence and gets you bigger results. My client Rao was an … Read more