Want to get great at something? Get a coach

Surgeon and public health professor Atul Gawande has studied the question of how we improve in the face of complexity. In the TedTalk attached he shares that he’s found the key is having a good coach to: ✅ Provide a more accurate picture of our reality✅ Instil positive habits of thinking✅ Break our actions down … Read more

How slowing down helps us connect with people around us

I have been out of action for several months after a major fracture and surgery from falling off my bike. Fortunately, I am on the path to a full recovery. One upside of the entire experience was I made new friends in my neighbourhood by slowing down. We have lived in the same street for … Read more

Why leaders are using a new recipe to create capital

It has been a while since we held a physical event, so it was great to gather a group of leaders for a leadership roundtable event in Melbourne this week. We were fortunate to hear from Dr Richard Watson who is Regents Professor and the J. Rex Fuqua Distinguished Chair for Internet Strategy in the … Read more

How outstanding leaders find new depths to their leadership

You may have noticed how you can find new depths to your leadership ability when you confront new challenges. Maybe you were thrown in at the deep end and discovered something you did not know about your leadership capability. Catherine had this experience when she won a new role. She had pitched herself at an … Read more

How outstanding leaders show up and develop themselves every day

The sign on all the doors of the United States Olympic Training Center says, “Not Every Four Years, Every Day.” The sign reminds athletes that success comes from practising every day, not just competing at the Olympics. It is a reminder that champions develop themselves with daily practice. Elite athletes and outstanding leaders face a … Read more