8 Behaviours That Will Push People Out the Door

Recent research data gathered in the pandemic by Zenger Folkman suggests poor performance by leaders on 8 behaviours pushes team members out the door and increases turnover significantly.

Their research shows that the number one factor influencing people to quit their job continues to be the behaviour of their immediate supervisor or manager. 

This has become significantly more pronounced in the pandemic. 

The worst managers (in the bottom 10%) had 49% of their direct reports thinking about quitting.

Here are eight behaviours Zenger Folkman found that cause direct reports to quit.

1️⃣ Failure to stay in touch with issues and concerns of direct reports

Having a manager that keeps in touch with these personal issues of team members makes a big difference in their willingness to continue working for the organization. 

2️⃣ Focus primarily on pushing direct reports to deliver on commitments with little pull

The push-only manager is only focused on making sure team members deliver results. Managers that know how to also pull bring energy and enthusiasm with them to work. 

3️⃣ Lack of trust

Low trust increases burnout, decreases closeness with colleagues, the energy of team members, and alignment with the organization’s purpose.

4️⃣ Competition between co-workers rather than cooperation

Most people want to escape an environment where there is constant conflict.

5️⃣ Manager is a poor role model

When a manager asks others to behave in a way the manager doesn’t, that double standard is distasteful and frustrating.

6️⃣ Little emphasis on development and personal improvement

Most people want to grow, learn, and progress in life. They have a desire to learn new skills and develop additional capabilities.

7️⃣ Fails to provide others with a sense of direction and purpose

When people feel like they work on a treadmill that only forces them to work but never gets them to a destination or makes a difference, their motivation decreases significantly.

8️⃣ Ignoring diverse perspectives and talents of team members

Valuing diverse perspectives introduces new approaches and alternatives. Ignoring diversity causes people to feel undervalued and unappreciated.

Link to the full report Can Leadership Development Temper the “Big Quit”.

🙋 Which of these leadership behaviours would you highlight for attention? 🙋‍♀️

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8 Behaviours
8 Behaviours