How to Develop Your Point of View About the Future

Having a point of view about the future can help you win the work you love along with greater satisfaction and fulfilment. You could address a specific problem your industry faces at present or a looming challenge. The topic is likely to be something you are passionate about, like technology led transformation, team performance, cyber security leadership, customer experience. I am sure you get the idea. The main thing is your point of view addresses a problem other people in the marketplace face and you are focused on improving it for the future.

It is worth the effort to develop your point of view about the future. It could lead to you being seen as the ‘go-to’ person on the topic and create a demand for your services.

Unfortunately, many people have not invested in developing their point of view about the future for a few reasons: 

  • Too busy solving today’s problems
  • No time allocated to thinking about the future
  • Have not identified a problem worth solving
  • Do not see the value 

However, there are a few simple steps you can take to overcome those challenges if you would like to develop your point of view about the future. 

Step 1: The Past

Start with the past. The impetus for change often comes from being frustrated with things not working. You just know there must be a better way.

Frances is a good example. She had several painful attempts to integrate systems, following mergers and restructures. The lessons she learned through bitter experience drove her to find a better way and develop her point of view.

Step 2: Future Trends

Speculate about the future. Your analysis of future trends could shape your point of view. Read everything you can find on your hot topic from books and blog posts and listen to your favourite podcasts.

In Frances’ example, she reviewed global best practice and research published on systems integration following mergers and acquisitions, which she included in a keynote presentation.

Step 3: Market Intelligence

Talk to other people. The mistake many people make is they think they know all the answers. But the collective insights that come from talking to others can give you a broader perspective and expand your point of view. 

Frances interviewed people in the marketplace to see what she could learn from their mistakes and successes in systems integration. It surprised her to find everyone had some gold to offer, and that gave her a greater depth of understanding than she had from her experience alone. 


The steps to develop your point of view about the future are an investment in you as a business of one. It paid dividends for Frances, who became sought after for plum roles after she developed her point of view on systems integration. Become known as the go-to person who can solve a big problem for others, and they will offer you work you love. 

🙋 What is your point of view about the future? 🙋‍♀️

Best regards, Brian

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