The Kind Boss Podcast

I am departing from my usual leadership update to share a recent interview I did with Linh Podetti in the latest episode of The Kind Boss Podcast.

A few key points you will get from my interview with Linh:

✅ How to find fulfilment in your work where your value matches a problem in the marketplace
✅ Practising the gentle art of leadership gets you bigger results. It is an inclusive style of leadership, critical for the unfamiliar world we are now living in
✅ Surrounding yourself with an exceptional team so you can step back and think about the big picture 

🙋 What do you think is the key attribute leaders need right now? 🙋‍♀️

Best regards, Brian

See the links below for the full interview with Linh.

Link to the full video: Brian Donovan | The Kind Boss Ep#12

Links to the audio podcast 
Spotify: The Kind Boss Ep#12
Apple Podcast: The Kind Boss Ep#12

Linh’s Blog:  Achieve Big Results with Compassionate Leadership

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