The advanced guide to the future of work

There are numerous predictions about the future of work post COVID-19. But no-one can predict with any certainty whether it will be cataclysmic or exciting. One thing seems certain, we will need outstanding leaders to guide us through the turbulent times ahead.

In 2008, I interviewed senior leaders about how they were responding to the global financial crisis. I discovered that leaders were not ‘waiting and seeing’ what would happen. They were stepping up in the face of adversity.

Today’s global pandemic is a bigger challenge, but the same principle applies. Businesses will need strategies to adjust to new consumer behaviours and recover from the social and economic impact of COVID-19. Game-changing leaders will be needed to develop and execute those strategies.

Companies are preparing for an operating environment that is likely to be dramatically different from the one we knew before the global pandemic. In fact, it is an ambiguous future. But dealing with ambiguity is a problem game-changing leaders embrace. They can balance often opposed views.

Leaders who can guide businesses through the turbulent times ahead will be in increasing demand.

Investing in your own development will ensure that you are ready to capitalise on the market demand for game-changing leaders.

It turns out that Zenger Folkman found in some recent research with 500 leaders that the most resilient leaders are also the most effective leaders.

They have some suggestions below about the enabling behaviours that can help leaders build resilience and manage ambiguity.
1. Communicate Powerfully
2. Be Coachable
3. Build Positive/Trusting Relationships
4. Be a Bold Risk Taker
5. Develop Others
6. Champion Change
7. Be Decisive

🙋 Which of these behaviours will be important in your view? 🙋‍♀️

Best regards, Brian

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