How to change the story you tell yourself 

Greg wanted to break his habit of solving the detail problems. He wanted to become a game-changing leader and solve the strategic issues. 

Greg was shifting a story he told himself about being a technical guy and not an influential people leader. His aim was to become a game-changing leader and to adopt habits to support him to make an impact. It meant giving up his fundamental belief, he did not have what it takes to be a great people-leader. 

These stories we tell ourselves shape our lives. But, recent evidence is emerging, that these beliefs about who we are, are malleable.

We can change them if they no longer serve us. 

In the book, Atomic Habits, James Clear suggests, ‘changing our fundamental identity-based habits will have a more profound effect than changing our outcome or process habits.’

He explains that outcome-based habits focus on our goals, e.g. losing weight. 

Process habits are to do with how we get there, e.g. going to the gym. 

But he says identity-based habits focus on ‘who we wish to become, e.g. someone who loves exercise.’ 

As Greg changes his identity habits, he is shifting from seeing himself as a technical problem solver to a game-changing leader. Others are seeing him in the same light as he adjusts his habits.

🙋 What is your experience of changing the story you tell yourself?

Best regards, Brian

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