Are you moving beyond your history?

Faye’s career has defied all expectations. She started out in the health sector, moved into IT and then into general management. Now she is on the board of the hospital where she started work. If she had allowed her story about herself to define her leadership journey, she would not have achieved such success. There were several defining points in her career where she confronted her personal narrative about what she could reasonably expect to achieve given her history, i.e.… Read more

Is impostor syndrome getting in your way?


If you are a game-changing leader then chances are that impostor syndrome could be getting in your way. That is the term that was coined to describe the fear we have all experienced that one day we will be discovered as a fraud. Faye* is a case in point. She impressed her prospective employer at interview and won a big new job. When she started in the new role and confronted the magnitude of her new challenge she privately questioned whether she really had the capability to deliver on her promise.Read more