What is your biggest leadership challenge?

It is easy to be seduced into thinking that everything is high-priority and must have your attention now. But game-changing leaders have a laser-like focus on the number one thing that is going to make the biggest difference to achieving their objectives. Ken knew that if he did not turn around the relationship with his key business unit clients, he would be shown the door and his IT Department would quite possibly be outsourced.… Read more

Equilibrium is not an option

I tried walking a tight rope in my gym, but I made the rookie error of looking down at my feet and ended up on the floor. Fortunately, it was only a metre or so from the ground so it was only my pride that was hurt. In the book, “Off Balance on Purpose”, Dan Thurmon explains that an experienced tight rope walker keeps their head up, looking forward to the ultimate goal which is the platform in front of them.Read more