7 Things that art can teach us about leadership

When Dean Phelan and I decided to write a new book called The Gentle Art of Leadership, the word ‘art’ was important to us. 

In our experience, practical leadership is as much about art as science. 

Here are some examples. 

✔️ Creation – Navigating a global pandemic; leaders need to create from a blank canvas 

✔️ Vision – Leaders have a picture of where they want to go, but not all the details of how to get there 

✔️ Emotion – Like artists, leaders need to evoke emotions in their audience to win their hearts and minds

✔️ Style – Leaders need to adapt their preferred leadership style; what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow 

✔️ Inspiration – Leaders need to rise above the press of day to day concerns to draw their inspiration for a new strategic direction

✔️ Aspiration – Leaders see new possibilities and aspire to something beyond what we know today

✔️ Perspective – Leaders know that how we see the world is all important and that there are many ways of viewing it

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