Do your customers have the experience of a lifetime?


My 92-year-old dad was like a young boy again when he recently visited the engine control room on board a cruise ship. He had worked in engine rooms on ships in the Australian Navy in the second world war and was very excited to be back on board a ship, let alone the engine room, for the first time in 71 years. The chief engineer on board our cruise ship generously explained how modern engine rooms powered these floating hotels.

Talk about delighting the customer. My father said it was the experience of a lifetime.

It made me reflect on the idea of customer experience. Many companies have customer experience departments that are interested in understanding our experience of using their products and services. Of course, some of it is sloganeering, like Microsoft’s professed customer obsession, but I digress.

But what about the internal customer experience? How would your internal clients, key stakeholders and team members rate their experience of working with you? Many of us have worked with a leader who altered the course of our career. Are you being that leader for others?

Interestingly, Temkin Group reports a correlation between employee engagement and success in customer experience. Their research showed that companies that excel at customer experience have one-and-a-half times as many engaged employees compared to their peers.

If you regard yourself as a business of one, your internal customer’s experience is critical. What does it take to provide people around you with an experience of a lifetime?

Gallup’s list of top things that followers are seeking in their leaders may provide some inspiration.

  • Trust (other words cited by followers included: honesty, integrity, and respect)
  • Compassion (other words cited by followers included: caring, friendship, happiness, and love)
  • Stability (other words cited by followers included: security, strength, support, and peace)
  • Hope (other words cited by followers included: direction, faith, and guidance)

What else could you do to provide an experience of a lifetime for your internal stakeholders, clients and team members?

Best regards, Brian

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