Leadership Conversation with Phil Weinzimer

CIOs Expanding their Influence

We talk with Phil Weinzimer about his new book, The Strategic CIO: Changing the Dynamics of the Business Enterprise.  He conducted 156 interviews with CIOs, executives and academic thought leaders on how they leverage information and technology for competitive advantage.  In this video interview, Phil gives us some practical insights into how CIOs are playing a more strategic role and expanding their influence.  He has developed a unique four-phase methodology for creating customer value, improving margins and enhancing shareholder wealth.  This is an important book for technology and business leaders alike who are seeking to become activists for technology lead strategic transformation.

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Phil Weinzimer

Phil Weinzimer is president of Strategere Consulting and works with clients to develop business and IT strategies that focus on achieving business outcomes.

Mr. Weinzimer was previously the Managing Principal-Professional Services for IT Business Management at BMC Software. He also held Managing Principal positions in the Professional Services organizations for ITM Software, CAI, Sapient, and Unisys.

Mr. Weinzimer’s new book, The Strategic CIO: Changing the Dynamics of the Business Enterprise. , Taylor and Francis, September 2014, focuses on how CIOs strategically transform IT organizations by leveraging information and technology to create new customer value, increase corporate revenue, and enrich shareholder value. Over 150 CIOs, IT leaders, business executives, and academic thought leaders were interviewed as part of the research for the book. His previous book, Getting it Right: Creating Customer Value for Market Leadership, published by John Wiley, focuses on transforming an organization using a 3P strategy: Prepare personnel to work together as a team, perceive customer needs, and provide new products and services that create sustainable and profitable value.

Mr. Weinzimer writes an ongoing column for AITS focusing on The Strategic CIO, written articles for CIO magazine on the subject of strategic CIOs, co-authored a case study for Harvard Business School (HBS), and hosts an interview series, The Strategic CIO: Managing in the 21st Century, that explores the challenges and opportunities for leveraging information and technology for competitive advantage.

Mr. Weinzimer holds a B.B.A from Adelphi University in Business Management, an M.B.A from Adelphi University in Finance, and pursued post graduate studies at NYU in International Finance and Computer Science.