Leadership Conversation with Dr. Rick Watson

Social media represents a diverse and sometimes chaotic set of offerings that few organizations can afford to ignore. Despite the potential value of social media, most of us have no tangible ways to mine the information in social media streams to create meaningful results.

Dr. Watson, the J. Rex Fuqua Distinguished Chair for Internet Strategy in the Terry College at the University of Georgia, gave a very timely presentation, Creating Capital Out of Chaos: Social Media Strategy for Business.”  Donovan Leadership and Amdocs jointly hosted this leadership conversation.  Prof Watson demonstrated how we can link organizational strategy to capital generation goals that shape social media strategy using a mix of four specific tactics:

  1. listen and brand
  2. mine and decide
  3. converse and share
  4. co-create and innovate

He made the case for making social media an integrated element of your organizational strategy while also understanding the tools available to assist with the related complexities of managing this data.  See the video clips below for highlights of his presentation or to watch the entire session.

Social Media Strategy for Business Dr. Rick Watson – Highlights

Social Media Strategy for Business Dr. Rick Watson – Full Presentation

About Dr. Rick Watson

Dr. Watson also serves as the Research Director for the Advanced Practices Council of the Society for Information Management (SIM). He works regularly with experienced CIOs to determine the critical questions they face and directs research to address these questions. Professor Watson has published over 160 journal articles and written books on electronic commerce, data management, and energy informatics. His most recent research focuses on energy informatics, the role of IS in creating sustainable business practices, and IS leadership.

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Jointly hosted by Amdocs & Donovan Leadership