Dell/MIX Hackathon

console-busting_1I want to let you know about an ambitious project that Jim Stikeleather (Chief Innovation Officer-Dell Services), Gary Hamel and the Management Innovation eXchange (MIX) have launched.  It takes the form of a “hackathon” – an online, open innovation event – to challenge our thinking and innovate on how technology can enable tomorrow’s winning management practices and “bust” the bureaucracy that stifles most organizations today.

The hackathon is designed to engage a large number of progressive technology and business leaders, thought leaders and academics. The MIX platform allows it to document, share and develop leading-edge ideas and practices, and harness the power of this community they are assembling.  You can find the details of the hackathon, how it works, and the planned schedule by visiting this page:

Gary Hamel’s article describing the hackathon “The next tech revolution: Busting bureaucracy” is featured on and they also got a nice write up on ZdNet “technology-is-breaking-open-silos-can-it-do-the-same-with-bureaucracies” from Joe McKendrick.

I encourage you to join this ground breaking initiative. Your involvement will be recognized and appreciated and I’m sure we will all gain and learn from the project.

Best regards,